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The following are questions that customers often have

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our software does not depend on your network configuration. We only require a high speed connection to the Internet. So as long as you can get to the Internet and you do not have a dialup connection we will be able to connect to your machine. In the case of a virus that is blocking your Internet we can still help you with our online virus removal service.

This answer varies depending on your problem. Typical PC Tune Up and improving performance is anywhere from 45 minutes to 80 minutes depending on your connection speed. Repairing a virus online can be more time consuming and takes anywhere from 60 minutes to 2 hours on average. In comparison to taking your PC to local repair shop which can take over 10 days to get your computer back, online PC repair is significantly faster.

Offering a personal service is top of our list; you will speak directly to the person working on your computer so you can explain the situation in detail. We turnaround repairs quickly, we don’t send anything away to service centres and we don’t quote 5+ days for repairs. We don’t charge any upfront costs, you only pay for work once it’s completed and when you are happy with it.

No, we only need you to get us started by initiating our remote control software. This usually takes five minutes. Once we start the process you can walk away or watch us work on your computer as if we were in front of it. We do not “black” out your screen so you can see everything we are doing at all times. In addition, our software has a log of our technician’s actions so you can review what was done if you do step away for a few minutes

We will always take great care in looking after your data. We conform to the Data Protection Act and any data we hold is held in strict confidence. We undertake work for a number of local businesses including solicitors and high street shops and understand how important personal data is. Any customer data that is stored is always stored password protected and in encrypted format. We always advise if possible you take a backup of any data on your computer prior to any work being undertaken and we can discuss any backup options with you if needed.

Our technicians are now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have adjusted and expanded our hours to accommodate our international customers. We are closed on major U.S. holidays. Occasionally when you call our toll free number you may reach our voicemail. This happens during busy times when we get a rush of calls. We don’t want to leave you on hold so instead we send you to voicemail and we will call you ASAP if you leave a message.

Yes, our online technical support is accessible by anyone in the world that can dial our toll free number (+1-844-703-Ext). In addition, you can see if a technician is available for chat and potentially establish a connection to your computer over a chat session.

Because you never enter your credit card number online you don’t have to worry about us losing it or our database getting hacked or stolen. You give us your credit card over the phone which is processed on a virtual terminal where it is only used for our current transaction and not stored anywhere on an internal database. Alternatively, you can pay via Paypal. so we never know or see your credit card information.

Then you have nothing to lose. Our expert technicians are some of the best in the industry. Our success rate is excellent but of course there are some PC problems that just can’t be fixed via remote computer repair. In rare cases, we have worked on a problem for hours with no resolution and in this case we simply admit that we will not be able to help you and recommend some alternatives. No credit card is collected in this case and you are not charged anything for the call.

If we have already charged your credit card and you decide that your computer is still having problems you can give us a call and we can take a second look at it. If you choose that you do not want to have a technician look at it again simply ask for a refund and you will give you one with no questions asked. You will never have to call your credit card company to dispute a charge. Simply let us know via email or phone call and we will refund you immediately.

Many viruses will try to prevent you from connecting to the Internet and of course you need Internet access so we can connect to your computer. We have several things we can do to get you on the Internet so we can remove the virus. In the rare case that we can not connect to your computer you have nothing to lose. Since we don’t charge you anything up front we simply tell you we can not help you remotely and you are on your own and there is no charge to you.

If you are getting a black screen when you turn on your PC then we probably can’t help you. If you are able to get to the Internet we can almost always help you. If you can’t get to the Internet we will walk you through getting into safe mode with networking which will hopefully get us on the Internet then we can connect to your PC.

We pride ourselves on being reputable and making sure our customers are always satisfied. Yes there have been a few stories circulating on the Internet about some actions of our competitors. But we take security at PromisingSupport very seriously and will walk you through our security procedure of how we remove our software from your machine automatically. In addition, since we never come to your house you will never have to worry about the security of your home being violated.

We specialize in Microsoft Windows, but we also do Macintosh and Linux as well depending on what your problem is. We obviously get the most questions on Windows but depending on the problem we may be able to help you if you are not running Windows.

No, not at this time. All our technical services are one time fees which means if you call us back with another technical problem that we fix then there will be another charge. Many of our competitors offer yearly subscriptions but many times you will find once they received your yearly payment and you call back a second or third time they are quickly trying to get you off the phone because they have already collected your yearly fee.